Mustache Fights (2021)

Mustache Fights (2021)

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Relive the slugfest that was 2021 with a few rounds of rigmarole from Bob & Brian, Tim Murray, Fireman Jim, Joe Panos, Stephanie Sutton, Santana Dotson and more!


A portion of the proceeds benefit the MACC Fund and Hunger Task Force.



1. Mail Carrier

2. Tim Murray – Sports On TV

3. Frank’s Draft Choice

4. Special Guitar

5. Joe Panos – Mustache Fights

6. It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

7. Fireman Jim – Nice Hat

8. Irish Bar

9. What Stephanie Worries About

10. Things Dudes Do

11. Mets Jokes Part 1

12. Recipes With Santana

13. More Mets Jokes